Useful information

  • The communications will be held in one of the languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish.
  • The communications should last for 15 minutes, thus they will be followed by a 5 minute question and debate session.  
  • The papers will be revised by the Scientific Committee and, after a process of selection and double blind peer-review, a proposal for publication in Quaestiones Romanicae, the volume of the conference, will be made Jatepress Printing House, The University of Szeged will be hosting the editing (   
  • Detailed information regarding the rules of typing and writing, the revision and publication process are available in the section dedicated to the volume:
  • The participation fee is 170 lei or 35 € and should be paid starting with May, the15th, 2022, after the selection regarding the participation to the scientific event will be made. The fee covers: the individual folder, the coffee brakes, lunch, dinner and the publication of the article (if it will pass the evaluation process:
  • The address for online communication is:


Fundația Universitatea de Vest Timișoara
VAT (Tax Identification Number): 31027065
Address: V. Pîrvan Av. no. 4, Timisoara, 300 223, Romania
LEI/RON Account: RO71BACX0000000832118001
EURO Account: RO44BACX0000000832118002
The name of the bank: UniCredit Țiriac Bank
The address of the bank: Iulius Mall, 1st floor, Aristide Demetriade Street no. 1, Timisoara, Romania
The details of the transaction: participation fee for CICCRE + the participant's name and institutional affiliation 

Planification and deadlines

  • The Xth edition of CICCRE will take place online between 10th and 11th June 2022.
  • The registration form will be filled online until the 1st of May 2022 and could be found here:
  • The date of acceptance and notification for the proposed papers is the 15th of May 2022.
  • The final variant of the texts sent for publication will be sent until the 15th of November 2022, at the e-mail address of the colloquium ( and of the president of the colloquium (
  • The volume, Quaestiones Romanicae X, will be released on the 10th of June 2023.